Our History…

Arizona Electric Motor Service was founded in 1995 by Jim Bergman in Tucson, Arizona. However, prior to the official formation of the company, Jim gained experience in the electric motor business between two military service stints in the Army as a Green Beret and then in Civil Affairs.

After college Jim decided to go into the Army and served as a Green Beret in the Special Forces Unit in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. After his stint, Jim acquired a trade as a electric motor mechanic and trained for a number of years in a motor shop in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Jim decided to go back in the Army prior to the first Gulf War. He served in the Iraq, Kuwait and Turkish theaters. During his mission, Jim was in the port town of Iskindrin in Turkey, where he toured a small, primitive motor shop with many home made tools. Jim was inspired to start his own business, knowing that with knowledge, as much as capital, was needed to start a motor shop. After the Gulf War, while still in the Army, Jim worked in a Clarksville, Tennessee motor shop part time and advanced his motor winding skills while serving with the 5th Special Forces.

Towards the end of his enlistment he contacted his brother Allen in Tucson, Arizona about separating from the service and starting an electric motor business. They started purchasing equipment, contacting potential customers, formulating a business plan and leased a small area in an industrial park. On July 4th, 1995 they began.

Today, they offer quality service at a reasonable price. Always focusing on the client’s needs in order to “Turn the wheels of Industry”.

Arizona Electric Motor Service is an
Authorized Distributor for the Following

Hitachi Drives

Leeson Motors

SCE Enclosures

Solcon USA SoftStarts

Transcoil Filters and Harmonics